Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I jinxed the Jeopardy champ!

I'd been hearing about Ken Jennings, the dude who's won a gazillion Jeopardy games in a row, for months, but I hadn't watched a show. I'd also been saying for a while that if I ever did remember to watch the show that I would jinx him and he'd probably finally lose. So anyway, yesterday I actually remembered to watch the show, and I turned it over there just in time to see Final Jeopardy. He won, and it was his 74th win in a row. Well, today, I forgot to watch the show again, but then tonight I saw on USA Today.com that he finally lost today!! So I was right...I DID jinx him! But I got to see his final victory yesterday.

(Actually, today's episode was shot in September. So I guess it was a time travel jinx!)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hubie Brown resigns as Grizzlies' head coach mid-season, destroying any chance of the Grizz ever getting Phil Jackson

Thanks a lot, Hubie. Head Coach Hubie Brown has resigned from the Grizzlies for health reasons. That's all fine and dandy, but couldn't he have done it before the season started, which was only less than a month ago? I always knew that Hubie wouldn't last long with the Grizzlies since he was the OLDEST head coach in the four major professional sports in America. But I was hoping that when he resigned that the Grizz could sign Phil Jackson, the greatest coach in NBA history. And plus, Jerry West and Phil Jackson know each other after having worked together for the Lakers. So Hubie was supposed to have quit IN-BETWEEN seasons so that Jerry West could pursue Phil Jackson. But NO, Hubie had to quit in the middle of the season. So now West is going to have to hurry up and find a replacement. Jackson probably already has his mind set on taking this season off now that it's started, so he probably won't be available. Now, I wish that West would just hire some dumbo coach for the remainder of the season, or let the interim coach Lionel Hollins coach the rest of the season, but no, West is probably going to hire somebody and sign them to a mulit-year contract. Then, next year, if Jackson comes back to the NBA, he'll probably sign with some other team for years, and we'll NEVER get him. Oh well. The Grizzlies have been going down the tubes all season anyway. I think last year's good season was a friggin' FLUKE.

By the way, the only person the media is talking about that's in the running for the coaches job right now is Mike Fratello. The Czar??? Oh, Lord...

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Van Halen Shafts Memphis: Part Four - Final Shaft?

Well, the last show on the Van Halen tour was last week (Friday, November 19), even though on their website it still says ADDITIONAL CONCERTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY. Hmmmm...wonder if they just forgot to take that blurb off? Anyway, the last concert added to the list was posted on October 11. So, unless Van Halen really IS going to "announce more concerts shortly," this was the final FU from Van Halen to Memphis!! And if it is, then I can finally say FU to Van Halen, too!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Grizzlies suckin' big time, prove last year's success a fluke

The Grizzlies have sucked and disappointed big time this year. They started off 0-4 (which included a loss in their first game at the FedExForum, in which they lost a NINETEEN-point lead to the Wizards), bounced back to win two games in convincing fashion, but then losing the next two games...and in that last loss, which was to the SuperSonics, they were ahead at one time by TWENTY-ONE points!! Tonight they play at Portland...wonder how big their lead will be before they lose tonight? HA HA!!