Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Cook wins American Idol!! Yahoo!!

WOWZA!! America got it right this time! I thought for sure that with all the praise the judges heaped on Archuleta Tuesday night that Cook was doomed. But he wasn't! America saw through the judges' crap and voted Cook the winner by a 12 million vote margin! Simon himself said that after he watched Tuesday night's show on TV that the contest wasn't as lopsided as he had made it sound.

Finally, American Idol has a rock 'n' roll winner...and a damn good one, at that! Ryan Seacrest said that a record 97 and a half million votes were cast...I'm thinking America was just trying to right itself after screwing over Chris Daughtry two years ago. Probably everyone thought he was safe back then when he wasn't, so he went out fourth place (but went on to sell the most albums of anyone from that year). So America decided that THIS year they wouldn't let the rocker lose! Congrats, David Cook...and America!