Sunday, April 01, 2007

Memphis Grizzlies to leave Memphis after end of season [APRIL FOOL'S JOKE]

The Grizzlies have been suckin' so bad this year that they're going to go to another city! When the season's over with, they're packing up and moving out. Top contenders as to where they'll wind up are Louisville, Oklahoma City, and Los Angeles (yeah, I know, LA already has TWO teams, but they can always use another! I mean, they're LA!) Another possibility is New York. So it looks like Memphis will go back to being a sorry no-pro-sports town and be stuck with the FedExForum bill for years to come. Of course, with the Grizzlies about to end the season as one of the worst teams in the league, if not THE worst, they'll get a high draft pick, possibly the #1 pick. And considering that the Grizz aren't that bad on paper, and they've had a lot of injuries this season, they could conceivably be a pretty good team next year. But another city will reap the rewards of that next year, even though Memphis had to suffer through the current awful year. But according to Grizzlies majority owner Michael Heisley, they have to leave Memphis this year. Says Heisley, "If we stay in Memphis past this year, and we're not out of here before the NBA Draft Lottery happens, we probably won't get a top ten pick. I know that's supposed to be impossible with our worst-in-the-league status, but Memphis would find a way to do it. I mean, look at how we lost LeBron James a few years ago."

So there you have it, folks. Throw away your Grizzlies stuff and start collecing Xplorers and Hounds Dogs merchandise. For more info on this craziness, click here.