Monday, June 30, 2008


Arkansas State University had to change its nickname, the Indians, because it was racist. So they changed the nickname to the Red Wolves. A billboard was put up in Jonesboro promoting the new name saying "HOWL YES! I WANT FOOTBALL SEASON TICKETS". I saw the billboard a couple of weeks ago and thought it was pretty doggone funny. Well, then I saw on Action News 5 this past Thursday that some people have complained that the billboard is "not very positive." I just love when people are damn stupid and complain about any old damn thing. It's friggin' funny. As a matter of fact, the next time I go to Jonesboro, I'm having my PICTURE taken with the damn thing, and I'm posting it online! That is, if Jonesboro doesn't wuss out and take it down before I can get over there again. Hopefully they won't. Hell, that billboard makes me actually want to go out and buy football season tickets! Well, not really, but it'd be funny to do it just to spite the dumbasses.