Sunday, August 29, 2004

LeBron wins bronze, so call him LeBronz

The United States basketball team, made up entirely of NBA players, won the bronze metal yesterday. Of course, if the BEST players in the NBA would have played on the team, instead of just these jokers, not only would they have won the gold, they would have slaughtered everyone else. So where was everybody? Where was Tracy McGrady? Vince Carter? Shaq-daddy? Jailbird Kobe? MVP Kevin Garnett? They all suck. Not enough money in it or something? Or were they just lazy asses like Craig Kilborn is for quitting his talk show?

Craigers Quits

Craig Kilborn quit his talk show Friday night. Lazy ass. I actually watched his show sometimes when I could. Now what's he going to do, go back to SportsCenter?