Saturday, August 14, 2004

Sea-Monkey murderer

The Sea-Monkeys that I birthed July 1 (as detailed in my July 1 column) are all visiting Davy Jones's locker. And I did the deed! Y'see, when I had Sea-Monkeys before, I put them in my window. Well, in the instructions I got with this batch, it said to put them in a room where there is indirect light, but not in direct sunlight. But I said, "Phooey! I put them in direct sunlight before, and I'm doing it again! Cause I'm having to keep them in my showcase now to keep my cat from knocking them over, and they probably aren't getting much light or air!" So, I put them in my window. The next day...they were all dead! Maybe the other Sea-Monkeys I had weren't put in a window in the summertime like these were, or maybe these new Sea-Monkeys are just wussies! So anyway, I still put some Plasma III in it, cause that's supposed to make more eggs survive or something, and voila! A few days later there were more Monkeys! Then they died, too! Anyway, this all happened a while back, but I just today got around to cleaning out the tank. Guess I thought some more would pop up. Oh, well...the next time I get some Monkeys, maybe I'll get one of those two space-related containers. And this time, I'll follow directions!