Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Van Halen Shafts Memphis: Part One

Van Halen, which recently got Sammy Hagar to come back, is on tour. (Thank goodness they got him to come back and not David Lee Roth again...I liked Roth with Van Halen, and I like Roth as a solo artist, but Sammy with Van Halen is so much better.) They've been on tour for a while, and they have many more shows to go, and they are adding shows on a regular basis, but Memphis is NOT YET ON THE LIST. Memphis, of course, being one of the major cities in the country, and with a BRAND SPANKING NEW arena, is being given the shaft. Instead, they have dates on the tour at...Worcester, MA...Moline, IL...Fargo, ND...Rapid City, SD...I mean, WTF??? Who has even HEARD of these cities??? And just yesterday, they added some more dates, and here they are. Let's see if Memphis is on the list! Milwaukee, WI...Ames, IA(??????????)...Wichita, KS...Fort Wayne, IN...Montreal, QE...and Hamilton, ON. Man, what's going ON??? Anyway, from now on, every time Van Halen adds new dates to the tour, I'm going to report them here...and I want everyone to marvel at how Memphis is getting screwed once again for no reason!!!

Shaq doesn't want Jordan at Age 41 to show him up

I heard last week that Jordan was thinking about going to play for the Miami Heat, which, of course, has Shaq now. Shaq said that Jordan had left him many messages, and he thinks it's because Jordan wants to play with the Heat. But Shaq and the teammates he talked to about it say that they're not interested in Jordan.

Not interested in Jordan?

Jordan, at 41, is better than most players at 31. And probably 21. I always knew that Shaq was a big fat dumb ass, but this just takes the cake. And now I'm going to have to call the teammates he "consulted" with big fat dumb asses, too. And since I don't know which players they are, I'll just throw them all in as being dumb asses.

The Jordan camp is saying that those calls to Shaq are just to try to get Shaq to come to Jordan's basketball camp. Which seems more like the truth to me. I mean, why would Mike want to play on a team with a big fat dumb ass?

Saturday, September 04, 2004

HMMMMMM!!!!!! The Verse and the Chain

I received the following chain e-mail yesterday from someone I know:

Subject: HMMMMMM!!!!!!

The Lord has a way of revealing those of us who really know him, and those that don't! Think about it! Kerry gave a big speech last week about how his faith is so "important" to him. In this attempt to convince the American people that we should consider him for president, he announced that his favorite Bible verse is John 16:3. Of course the speech writer meant John 3:16, but nobody in the Kerry camp was familiar enough with scripture to catch the error. And do you know what John 16:3 says?

John 16:3 says; "They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me."

The Spirit works in strange ways. Pass it on and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!

It sounded awfully familar to me. So I thought, "Either Gore and Kerry have the same speechwriter, or this is bogus!" So I went back and checked, and sure enough, another friend of mine had sent me the exact same e-mail before the 2000 presidential election...but back then, the name "Kerry" was substituted for "Gore"!! That made me go "HMMMMMM!!!!!!", just like the e-mail's subject header said!! So then I found the following webpage on a site about urban legends: http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_kerry_john_3_16.htm. Turns out that neither Gore nor Kerry had ever said it. As a matter of fact, President Bush has recently been accused of stating the exact same quote, but he didn't say it either. But do you know who REALLY said the quote? It was Bush's father, the FIRST President Bush, speaking at a religious broadcasters' conference in 1990!

So anyway, I made sure that everyone got filled in on the truth, including the dude who sent me the letter four years ago, the dude that sent me the letter yesterday, and all the other people the dude from yesterday sent the letter to. I mean, if people like one political party or the other, that's fine, but when they start making up bad stuff about the politicians from the other party using God's Name, and then forward chain e-mails that state those lies without checking their facts first, that's not very nice.

So, as the e-mail stated, the Spirit really DOES work in strange ways! ;-)

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Super Hero Cavalcade

Just got finished watching last weekend's Justice League Unlimited. The new format for the show, showcasing MANY different super heroes and villians from the DC comics universe, is nothing short of brilliant! Since DC (and Marvel for that matter) has a gazillion different cool heroes and villians that have been created over the years, it's an awesome idea to showcase the lesser-known characters on television. I mean, just in this episode, they had the Phanton Stranger, the Red Tornado, Elongated Man, and...B'wanna Beast!! B'wanna Beast, for Pete's sake!! And being the big DC fan I am, I knew them all, and it was cool! I've always wondered why, when DC has had other TV shows and movies about their super heroes, when those shows would have super hero or villian guest stars, they would sometimes create brand-new ones, when the comics had a TON of ones to choose from! I mean, if you're making a movie or show on a previously existing super hero ANYWAY, then that means that it's ALREADY an adaptation, so just keep adapting! So anyway, Justice League Unlimited has it right. (Now, if they'd just start turning some of those characters into movies or live-action shows, like Marvel's been doing, everything will be fine. I heard the other day that Aquaman was being considered for a movie, which would be awesome, but...I'll believe it when I see it.)