Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Which is bigger news today: Castro resigning...or HD DVD resigning?

Fidel Castro finally resigned as dictator of Cuba overnight last night. The old coot is just too weak and feeble to run an island anymore. Hopefully this will be the first step (of probably many) to Cuba becoming democratic one of these decades. Hopefully Raul (Fidel's brother who will probably take over) will be coming under pressure worldwide to open the island up, and Fidel quitting can only be a good thing. Maybe one day I'll be able to take a cruise to Cuba, instead of having to bypass it on the way to other islands in the Caribbean. I mean, the last few decades, Cuba would have had money coming out the WAZOO with all the American tourists visiting the island. But no, Fidel had to ruin it for everybody, not just American tourists willing to pay money down there, but the Cuban people who would have reaped the benefits. Instead they're all dirt-ass poor while Fidel's been living the high life. Well, up till now anyway, since he's about to kick over.

As to the other resignation making news today, Toshiba, the folks behind HD DVD, have announced that they're ceasing HD DVD. Which is wonderful news, because the format war between it and Blu-ray Disc was just pathetic. There should have only been one high definiton disc from the start. So when Blu-ray Discs and machines get a little bit cheaper, I'll be ready to go all Blu!