Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another cool bumper sticker

It seems like every time I go on an out-of-town vacation lately I see a cool bumper sticker on a car! Two months ago, on my Gatlinburg-area trip, I saw a bumper sticker that said "Pro-America, Anti-Bush." (Check it out here.) Well, this weekend I went to Huntsville, Alabama, to visit the Space & Rocket Center, and on my way back home, I saw the below bumper sticker...and on a Navy person's car to boot!

Heat suck

Hey, ain't it funny that the Miami Heat have the worst record in the league? That's what Pat Riley gets for forcing Stan Van Gundy to quit two years ago so Riley could take over the coaching job and get the coaching glory when the Heat won the championship that year. And now they've gotten rid of Shaq, which sucks, cause now Shaq is on a good team. It'd be funny if the Suns started sucking now that Shaq is on their team, even if it did make Suns GM and ex-Bull Steve Kerr look bad. But Shaq probably won't be able to bring them down THAT much, though, although I'm sure he'll try. HAHA!!