Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Revenge of the Sith: Second Viewing!

Just got back a short while ago from seeing ROTS for the second time! And it was just as awe-inspiring as the first time I saw it! (And THIS time I made sure I saw it in digital!)

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Clicks in Memphis sucks

Here's another bad experience we had when we went to see Revenge of the Sith that ALSO had nothing to do with the movie: we got kicked out of Clicks in Memphis before the movie Wednesday night! Clicks is a place next to the theater where you can shoot pool and throw darts and stuff. We went to it three years ago before the midnight premiere of Episode II. But we were kicked out when we got in there this time because Scott had on a sleeveless shirt!! Has anybody ever heard of such?? I guess all they want is preppie people in their establishment.

Revenge of the Sith: First Viewing!

I'm a little late with this post, but anyway...I saw Revenge of the Sith for the first time at midnight Thursday morning! I saw it at the Malco Majestic in Memphis, which is where I saw the midnight premieres of Episodes I and II, as well. Needless to say, it was only just about the best movie I've ever seen!

There was a bad part of the experience, though, but it had nothing to do with the movie itself: I thought I was going to see it in digital, but didn't! Three years ago, the Majestic had just put in digital screens in time for the premiere of Episode II, and so I saw Episode II in digital there all three times that I watched the movie that summer. So, of course, one would only ASSUME that those screens would still be there at that theater, right? I mean, you can't go BACKWARDS, right? And plus, theForce.net's website said that there were two digital theaters in Memphis, the Majestic and another one. starwars.com didn't have listings of digital theaters yet. Well anyway, while Scott, Jon, and I watched Episode III Thursday, we each noticed a different thing that told us that the movie WASN'T DIGITAL! I noticed that there were cracks and pops occasionally during the movie. Those are imperfections that bug you while you're watching FILM, not DIGITAL! Jon noticed that there were holes somewhere on screen that are used to notify when to change reels, or something. And Scott noticed that before the movie there was no video saying we were about to watch a digital presentation, and that the sound didn't sound as good! (Still pretty good, but not THX.) So anyway, we found out that the screens had been moved to ANOTHER theather in Memphis! How pitiful is that? So I got home, and FINALLY starwars.com had posted a list of digital theaters, showing Memphis with two, and neither was the Majestic.

So anyway, I'll be going back to see Revenge of the Sith soon, and THIS time...as well as all the REST of the times I go see it this summer...you can be damn sure I'll be seeing it DIGITIZED!!! Oh well, at least this way I'll know if any extra scenes were added to the digital version, since I will have already seen it on film first.