Saturday, June 19, 2004

Phil Jackson gone from Lakers...or IS he??

The good news is...the Lakers said yesterday that Phil Jackson won't be back to coach the Lakers next year! Hallelujah! The bad news is...the Lakers' owner, Jerry Buss, offered Jackson another position with the Lakers! ARRRGH!! Jackson is supposed to decide soon whether to take it. Hopefully he won't. Since Phil has been seeing Buss' daughter, maybe he just didn't want to tell Buss right off the bat that he didn't want another position with the Lakers. I sure hope so, anyway. I mean, Phil having a different job with the Lakers won't be as bad as having the coaching job with the Lakers, but still, I don't want him on the team at all. And plus, how's he gonna come to the Grizzlies if he's still with the Lakers?? (Or maybe Phil can take this new Lakers job for a year or two, then if Hubie Brown has departed from the Grizzlies by then, Phil can tell the Lake Show to take a hike and come on over to the Grizz!!)