Thursday, October 21, 2004

Halloween not on Halloween here

I just read this week's Osceola Times and it says that the city council has adopted a resolution stating that Halloween will not be held on October 31st this year, but will instead be held on October 30th. It doesn't say why, but obviously it's because October 31st is on a Sunday this year. The last two times October 31st was on a Sunday here, Halloween was also held on October 30th. But mysteriously, the previous years that October 31st was on Sunday, it was held on Sunday!!

Anyway, what kind of message does not having Halloween on Sunday send to children? That Halloween is devilish or something? No, the true evil is the possibility of making kids believe that that's true!! There's nothing wrong with Halloween!! It's an awesome day!! This "Halloween not on Sunday" crap REALLY makes me mad. I'm religious and I'm telling you right now that saying that Halloween can't be held on Sunday is wrong. But you know what's funny? American Greetings, which has it's largest factory right here in Osceola, makes and sells advertisements for their Halloween greeting cards that clearly state, "Halloween - Sunday, October 31st." HAHAHAHA!!!! And hey, the Osceola CITY COUNCIL adopted a RESOLUTION for HALLOWEEN??? What are they going to adopt a resolution on next, how much money the Tooth Fairy can leave under your pillow??

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