Monday, December 02, 2013

Dallas birthday trip for Barbra

Barbra and I went to Dallas two weeks ago. Barbra had been wanting for a while to see the Dallas Mavericks play in Dallas, so we went to the Mavs game for her birthday.

Shortly after arriving at American Airlines Center, home of the Mavericks
We didn't realize when I bought the tickets for the game a few weeks earlier, but the day that we would be there for the game was going to be the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination right there in Dallas! We didn't go to the site of the assassination on that day, but we had been there a year earlier when we went to Texas on vacation.

Site of the assassination in 2012 when we we visited Dallas
X marks the spot in 2012, although it has since been repaved and had another X put down
There's another strange coincidence to this trip that we didn't realize when I bought the game tickets.  Going to the Mavs game was my present to Barbra to celebrate her 41st birthday.  Dirk Nowitzki, the Mavs star player and Barbra's favorite player, wears number 41 for Dallas!

Two 41s!

Anybody want a ride in this cab?  Notice the star so that you know for sure what kind of cowboy they're talking about!

While we were in town, we checked out Galleria Dallas.  It's a pretty big mall.

Friday, September 13, 2013

21 weeks of goodness!

This week marked my first full (40 hour) week of working since April!! I had 21 weeks in a row of either not working or only working a partial week. My days-off work schedule went as follows:

-Week of April 15: 21 hours of sick time and a vacation day
-Week of April 22-week of June 17: Nine weeks of Company Convenience (voluntary layoff)
-Week of June 24: Two vacation days to go on vacation to Gulf Shores, AL
-Week of July 1: Two holiday days for Independence Day
-Week of July 8: Company Convenience again
-Week of July 15: 4.5 non-scheduled hours for lack of work
-Week of July 22-week of August 26: Company Convenience yet again, which began July 26
-Week of September 2: Labor Day, two hours of sick time, and four hours of paid leave

So now I'm back to working full weeks for a while, unless I take a day off here or there. But by November or December I'll be taking off every Friday until my vacation days run out March 1. Then I'll only be a few weeks away from Company Convenience again!

Monday, May 20, 2013

CC 2013

I just noticed that I post on here every year that I'm on Company Convenience, so...I guess I'll do it again this year! I've been off since April 22, and I'm going back June 24. That's nine weeks, baby. But hopefully I'll get off for the month of August too, just like I did last year! :-)