Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What do the San Antonio Spurs and the Lord of the Rings movies have in common?

I like them both...but they're both boring!! But how can that be, you say? Well, I've always like the Spurs and their players, and I liked the Lord of the Rings movies with their cool fantasy elements. But the Spurs are about to win another championship, something I've known was a sure thing ever since the two Phoenix Suns players got suspended for a game in the second round for coming off the bench after Robert Horry decked Steve Nash intentionally. This championship will be their fourth in nine years, and yet...none of them were back to back! They've never had a dynasty, which requires a team to win at least TWO championships back to back! In the past 20 years (counting this year), there have been seven NBA champions. Four of the seven have either repeated or three-peated. Two of the three teams that didn't repeat were the Pistons and Heat, but they only won one championship apiece (not counting the Pistons of the late 80s-early 90s which of course repeated). But the Spurs have won four out of nine years, and none of them were repeats! So I mean, I'm just tired and bored with seeing them win every other year. But it could be worse! It could be the Lakers or Heat or Knicks winning every other year! And as for the Lord of the Rings movies, I liked them. Except for the hour's worth of extra footage that could've been cut out of each movie because the extra footage dragged down the story and made me sleepy. At least, that was the case with the first two movies. I've never seen the third one. I've heard that it's the best one, but something tells me it has an hour's worth of boring footage too.