Thursday, January 27, 2005

Star Trek: Enterprise this season is the best season of Trek ever

Star Trek: Enterprise has totally kicked ass this season. From the inclusion of Augments (genetically engineered superpeople like Khan Singh), to seeing an Orion slave girl (green and yummy!), to a story that sets up how Vulcans are going to be when the Federation is founded, to seeing the inventor of the transporter, to seeing the Organians again, it's been the most awesome season of any Star Trek series ever!

Continuing the awesome episodes ths season, starting tomorrow we have a three-part episode dealing with Andorians and Tellarites. Their sparse inclusion in past Star Trek series has been puzzling, considering that they were seen a few times in The Original Series, but not too much since. And fandom has always had them as two of the founders of the Federation. But Star Trek: Enterprise is finally giving these two races their due. And on a personal note, it'll be cool to see these two species because in the series of Star Trek movies that my friends and I made, the captain (me) was an Andorian, and the first officer (ole Teddy Michael Millikan) was a Tellarite! Awesome!

And later in the season on Enterprise we get to find out why the Klingons had smooth foreheads during The Original Series, we get to see three more Orion slave girls (triple green and yummy!), and we get to see the Constitution-class starship Defiant for the first time since The Original Series! And being a Constitution-class starship means that it will look exactly like the Enterprise from The Original Series! And then for the end of the season we're going to get to see the Moon and Mars in their time period. And also, just announced this week is the possibility that Jonathon Frakes and Marina Siris from Star Trek: The Next Generation may appear in the season finale. So folks, it doesn't get much better than this...this is the best show on TV!!!