Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I jinxed the Jeopardy champ!

I'd been hearing about Ken Jennings, the dude who's won a gazillion Jeopardy games in a row, for months, but I hadn't watched a show. I'd also been saying for a while that if I ever did remember to watch the show that I would jinx him and he'd probably finally lose. So anyway, yesterday I actually remembered to watch the show, and I turned it over there just in time to see Final Jeopardy. He won, and it was his 74th win in a row. Well, today, I forgot to watch the show again, but then tonight I saw on USA Today.com that he finally lost today!! So I was right...I DID jinx him! But I got to see his final victory yesterday.

(Actually, today's episode was shot in September. So I guess it was a time travel jinx!)