Tuesday, October 12, 2004

R.I.P. Christopher Reeve (and I'll actually report on his Smallville role, too!)

Christopher Reeve died Sunday. I was shocked when I found out about it on USA Today.com Monday morning when I woke up. But I've also been shocked to discover that the mass media people haven't mentioned the two appearances in Smallville he's made the last couple of years!! He finally got a chance to return to the Superman mythos, and they aren't even reporting on it!! He didn't play Superman, but he was on the dad-gum show because he USED to play Superman! I mean, Superman is the reason Reeve got famous, and so you would think that him being on a Superman-related TV show would be newsworthy for his obituary. All of the mass media places that I saw Monday that talked about Reeve didn't mention Smallville at all, like USA Today.com, NBC Nightly News, Entertainment Tonight, and 20/20. And 20/20 even ran an entire HOUR-LONG tribute to him and failed to mention it! (Oh wait, USA Today.com did mention it...in it's list of TV appearances he's made over the years. They really tried to bring attention to it, huh?) KryptonSite, which is the best Smallville website, even commented on the media not talking about Smallville with regards to Reeve. The first time he was on Smallville, he even said that it was nice to do something fun for a change. So anyway, yet another example of comic book super hero stuff getting the shaft. Oh well...the media can kiss it since there are all kinds of super hero TV shows and movies coming out now! Report on THOSE, media! And we can thank Reeve for blazing the trail for making serious and cool super hero shows!