Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pizza Inn lawlessness

There's been a lotta law-breakin' going on at the Pizza Inn in West Memphis, AR, lately! Earlier this year I snapped this picture of pizza boxes being set ON THE FLOOR while they were being made up:

And then this past Wednesday, I snapped this picture on the parking lot when I got there:

And to boot, the Pizza Inn delivery car was parked with its rear end facing to the left of this cop car (but the delivery car left before I took this picture), and a second cop car was parked on the other side of the delivery car, like the two cops were trying to block him in! And before the delivery guy left, he said somthing about how the cop in this picture was parked, and I told him that that's why I made sure that I parked right in front of him, in a REGULAR PARKING SPACE, so that the cop would have to back up to get out.