Sunday, February 18, 2007

Marvel continues movie dominance with Ghost Rider; DC continues suckin'

Ghost Rider debuted at theaters this weekend with an estimated $44.5 million dollars. By tomorrow, it should cross $50 million, which would make it the biggest premiere ever over President's Day weekend. I saw it last night and thought it was cool.

Marvel Comics characters continue to domintate the box office, while DC Comics continues to focus only on Superman and Batman. I've always been a bigger DC fan than Marvel fan, but if DC is going to continue to let Marvel have all the box office glory, then it's their own damn stupid fault. Marvel will continue to soak up all the publicity and money their movies make, while DC continues sitting on their laurels. Pathetic. Poor Martin Nodell, who created Green Lantern for DC years ago, kicked the bucket in December before he could see his creation make it to the silver screen. (Green Lantern is one of the DC properties that's been supposedly "in the planning stages" for years, but never got off the ground.) I mean, the poor ole guy lived to be NINETY-ONE YEARS OLD just to see if his creation would make it to the big screen! I mean, hell, he just couldn't take it any more!

And to think that just a few years ago, DC was the one who had all the movies (albeit only Superman and Batman), and Marvel didn't have jack crap. Boy, how the tables have turned!

UPDATE 2/23/07: Ghost Rider did indeed have the biggest President's Day weekend ever: $52 million. Yay for comic book movies!