Friday, August 24, 2007

Tom Welling to finally be Superman?!?!?!

I just heard one of the most awesome rumors ever: Tom Welling has been approached to play Superman in the upcoming Justice League movie!! Now THAT would be bad-ass! I always thought he got screwed over a few years ago when Warner Bros. decided to make a new Superman movie. They should have waited until the TV series Smallville ran its course, and then made a Superman movie starring Tom Welling. Now don't get me wrong, Brandon Routh was damn good as Superman. But Welling had played Clark Kent for years and wasn't going to get to wear the Superman costume at all, except maybe for the last scene of the last episode of Smallville. So this news today is totally cool. Hopefully it isn't too good to be true and Welling will be Supes in Justice League.

(And maybe this Justice League movie will FINALLY kick-start DC into making a gazillion movies about ITS superheroes, just like Marvel's been doing for the last few years...)