Friday, March 11, 2005

Fox pulls a dirty trick (but not on me), but Star Wars trailer was AWESOOOOOME!!!

The final Revenge of the Sith trailer premiered last night during The O.C. on Fox. Well, it really wasn't DURING it, it was at the freakin' END of it. I knew they'd pull something like that, so I just watched Survivor, which was on at the exact same time as The O.C., and flipped over to Fox during the commercials to see if I could catch the trailer. I flipped over during every commercial on Survivor and never caught the trailer. So finally, the end credits to Survivor rolled and the booted-off person made her speech, so I flipped over again to Fox, and the trailer had just started. (Of course, I recorded The O.C. anyway, to make sure that I caught the trailer.) I wonder how many people who had never seen The O.C. before watched the whole damn show, only to not see the trailer until AFTER the show was over!! HAHAHA!! I knew before the show even started that the trailer wouldn't be shown until late in the show, but I was thinking it would be like 45 minutes into or something, cause I thought showing it at the very end would be just TOO much. But I was wrong! HAHA!!

Anyway, as for the trailer itself, all I can say is...WOWZA!! Best trailer ever!! For Episode I, I liked the teaser trailer better than the main trailer, and for Episode II, I liked the MAIN teaser trailer (which was actually that movie's third trailer) better than the main one, but for Episode III, its main trailer is like the best trailer EVER!!!

"You're under arrest, Chancellor."
"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"