Saturday, March 25, 2006

I jinxed the Memphis Tigers!

The Memphis Tigers just lost in their Elite Eight game in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. I didn't watch their first three games in the tournament, but I watched this one, so I figured they'd lose this one, and they did! And watching this reminded me of why I watch pro basketball and not college. In college games, it's just kids playing, so they make 10,000 mistakes a game, unlike in the NBA. And also, college has a long, boring 35-second shot clock, whereas the NBA has a lean, mean 24-second shot clock.

Steroid Man's elbow hurts him again because of steroids

I read today on USA that Steroid Man Barry Bonds was scratched from the lineup for a preseason baseball game today because his left elbow was hurting him again. It's the same elbow that caused him to be on the disabled list for seven weeks in 1999. The new book "Game of Shadows" says that's because the steroids he was taking allowed him to put on muscle too quickly. However, the USA Today article doesn't even mention that the book says that, even though it talks about the book in the same article! USA Today didn't have to state the book's info as fact, they could've just said that the book said that! And I couldn't even find anything at all about Bonds missing the game today on! So what are all these people, WUSSIES!?!? Afraid Steroid Man is going to knock down their doors and beat them up?!?!

Six more weeks...

...until I get company convenience! That's the voluntary lay-off I get every summer from my job as a distribution specialist at American Greetings. The lay-off lasts for ten weeks and I get paid unemployment pay. So I get to sit on my butt and do nothing and still get paid! I love my job this time of year...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Simpsons...LIVE-ACTION!

Check out this live-action Simpsons intro! It's with real folks and real locations! It was made by Sky One in the UK to promote the series. It has to be seen to be believed! (But a word of'll see Homer's butt crack! I don't remember THAT in the animated version...but I'll check it when I watch the new episode tonight. Maybe I just never paid attention.)