Thursday, December 02, 2004

Van Halen Shafts Memphis: Part Five - OFFICIALLY SHAFTED

Just checked the Van Halen website's 2004 Tour page, and it now says "The band's 80 city 2004 Summer tour is now over." Guess I was right...they just forgot to take off the "Additional concerts will be announced shortly" blurb after scheduling their last show. Or maybe they just couldn't get anybody else to take them. So, as far as them coming to Memphis, it's like the title of one of their songs: "The Dream Is Over." They could've played in Memphis' brand-new arena, the FedExForum, and could've even opened it up, just like they were the first rock bank to play the Pyramid after it opened up in 1991. Guess I won't be buying their new greatest hits album that came out with the tour since they couldn't even come to Memphis. But oh well...if they can somehow manage to make a new album, which I doubt, I won't be in any hurry to get a ticket if they come to Memphis for that tour. If they even come then. Or maybe they'll just be like Kiss is now and tour without making new albums.