Friday, September 13, 2013

21 weeks of goodness!

This week marked my first full (40 hour) week of working since April!! I had 21 weeks in a row of either not working or only working a partial week. My days-off work schedule went as follows:

-Week of April 15: 21 hours of sick time and a vacation day
-Week of April 22-week of June 17: Nine weeks of Company Convenience (voluntary layoff)
-Week of June 24: Two vacation days to go on vacation to Gulf Shores, AL
-Week of July 1: Two holiday days for Independence Day
-Week of July 8: Company Convenience again
-Week of July 15: 4.5 non-scheduled hours for lack of work
-Week of July 22-week of August 26: Company Convenience yet again, which began July 26
-Week of September 2: Labor Day, two hours of sick time, and four hours of paid leave

So now I'm back to working full weeks for a while, unless I take a day off here or there. But by November or December I'll be taking off every Friday until my vacation days run out March 1. Then I'll only be a few weeks away from Company Convenience again!