Monday, September 25, 2006

Memphis to finally show Smallville in prime time for the first time ever!

Memphis is finally showing Smallville when it's supposed to be shown: Thursdays at 7pm! See, Memphis used to have a UPN station but not a WB station. However, the UPN station also carried The WB's prime time lineup, but it would be shown after UPN's prime time lineup. But now with the merger of UPN and The WB into The CW, Smallville is finally going to be shown in its rightful timeslot!

When it was first announced months ago that UPN and The WB were going to merge, I immediately figured that would mean Smallville would now be on at 7. I just hoped Memphis didn't screw it up somehow. Well, the other day I noticed on my TiVo's program guide that on September 28th at 7pm, when the season premiere of Smallville was supposed to be shown, that there was going to be DIFFERENT programming!! So I e-mailed the program director of Memphis' CW and she told me that Smallville would indeed come on at that time! And she even called the listing service and told them that their data was incorrect...and it was all because of me: Tracy Walters, TV Watchdog!!

The only question now is...since Survivor also comes on Thursdays at 7...which one do I watch first???